what we do best

FL Advertising is a maker, installer & printing supplier company and advertising service provider specializing in design, bunting, banner, backdrop, signboard, light box, signage (metal / acrylic / LED / neon light), display system, roll up / pull up bunting, roll up / pull up banner, billboard, sticker, label, poster, background pop up, foam board stand, props, mock up cheque and license permit application. Our service coverage areas including Kota Kinabalu and surrounding areas in Sabah.

Trust us with your Printing

When you work with FL Advertising, we are the eyes that review your files to avoid problems before they happen quality. And we are the hearts who finish your job quickly with great customer service.

Our Customers, Our Friends

Over the years, we have been truly humbled to have worked with brands and clients in Sabah with their banner, bunting and signage printing. Our work have appeared on shop signboards, roadside buntings and billboards across East Malaysia.